“Wife” Versus Victim–A World of Difference.

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November 8, 2015
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November 14, 2015
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“Wife” Versus Victim–A World of Difference.

We’re firm believers that word choice shapes people’s perceptions of situations. (We have a rhetorician amongst us.)Take, for instance, the words “bride” or “wife,” where “victim” would be correct.

Our friend at the Principle (F-LDS) perceptively contextualizes this when calling out a so-called scholar for misusing terms.The blog writer informs us,

“Lyle Jeffs said according to his son Matt when asked whether 12 year[s] old wasn’t too young for sex since Matt’s uncle Warren Jeffs married several 12 year olds, that ‘no, it was okay, because they were his wives’.

Just let that sink in for a moment, please.

‘It was okay, because they were his wives.’

How will you ensure that your narrative does not play directly into Lyle’s argument?

Already the mere term, ‘wife” instead of victim, creates a narrative of legitimacy and stability, family.”

Sound Choices Coalition agrees. Let’s NOT legitimize or normalize these illegal unions by using words that do not apply. Polygamists in this country have only ONE wife at most, so let’s not use their terminology of “wife” or “wives” in reference to either live-in girlfriends or child victims. And let’s face it, most women who get sucked into living polygamy are mostly all victims of one kind or another.

Excerpts are from the Principle blog at http://politicsrusprinciple.tumblr.com/…/open-reply-to-lds-…

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