Who Gets the Millions of Dollars from the Kingston Clan’s Businesses?

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November 1, 2015
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Who Gets the Millions of Dollars from the Kingston Clan’s Businesses?

Anyone who is aware of the terrible poverty in which many Kingston “wives” and children live knows that money from Kingston businesses is not helping those in the clan who need it.

Some of the men at the top, however, are doing well, and (sources tell us) so are those whom the Kingstons use and bribe.

It’s difficult to know whom to deal with or whom to trust these days.
Not only do Kingston clan members work in many forms of government, but they own so many diverse business that it’s hard to know where and what they are; especially since they don’t want you to know.

They have their own lawyers, their own teachers, and a charter school that they run (Vanguard Academy in Salt Lake County).

Much of their profit comes from businesses such as bail bonds, pawnshops, & digital imaging shops. Here is an incomplete list of the corporations the Kingstons own, and these are just the tip of the iceberg:

The East Side Market
Sportsman’s Pawn Shops,
Sportsman’s Fast Cash,
Family True Values Store on Redwood Road, Salt Lake County
The Fountain of Youth Health and Athletic Club
A1 Disposal – a garbage pick-up service that has done business with the state of Utah, and county and city governments
Mountain Coin Machine Distributors – vending machines in six western states
Best Distributing Amusement Games – pinball machines and video games provided to bars and others
Spiffy Ice & Storage – located across six western states
Standard Restaurant Equipment and Supply
Hoalt Inc., World Enterprises – whatever this company does.
Washakie Renewable Energy recently changed the name to
Fidelity Funding Corp
Little Red House Montessori
Spectrum Inc.
American Digital Systems,
Hiawatha Coal Company Inc.
IA Castle Corp
West Deep Creek Irrigation & Power Company
Michael’s Shoe Repair
Men’s Store
World Enterprises
Coalt Inc.

Read more at http://www.utahgothic.com/…/kingsto…/kingston%20dollars.html

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