Whistle-Blower Threatened by Polygamist Leader, Owen Allred

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March 28, 2015
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Whistle-Blower Threatened by Polygamist Leader, Owen Allred

Despite saying that sexual abuse in polygamist groups was “a stinking mess,” it appears that Owen Allred (now deceased, former president of the AUB cult) may have been unhappy about having sexual abuse exposed within his own group.

“A. J” posting on the Brady and Wives blog writes that his sisters-in-law were sexually abused by then councilman (now “prophet”) Lyn Thompson.

A.J. says, “my mother was speaking out about things that had happened to her daughter in laws. Owen sent her a letter from an attorney that stated ‘If you don’t stop staining the good name of Lynn Thompson’ and others, the AUB would personally sue her for defamation of character. I did not believe after what he said in church that this would come from him. I took this letter to LaMoine. I told him that this could not have come from Owen. He told me he had no doubt in his mind that it came from him.”

We are certainly aware that Owen Allred allowed abuse to flourish under his leadership by refusing to hear criticisms of council members or (according to him) failing to understand the claims of victims. Brady Williams’ father, Rod Williams, for instance, left AUB after he accused Joe Thompson of sexually abusing one of his daughters and Owen Allred refused to believe it. Rod left AUB, and it was years later that other women came forward and told their stories about being sexually abused by Joe Thompson. As today, many AUB members refused to believe it.

As another poster on the Williams blog said (and as some of us at SCC know) sexual abuse in AUB was far more prevalent than Rosemary Williams believes. Things are unlikely to change under the reign of her father, Lyn Thompson.

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