The Challenges of Leaving Cult Life

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February 19, 2015
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March 17, 2015
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The Challenges of Leaving Cult Life

This story from a woman who left the FLDS highlights the difficulties of breaking free from the mental bondage of cults.

This young woman says, ” Clinical research has identified emotional problems former cult members often struggle with, such as indecisiveness, depression, loneliness, guilt, and fear. We experienced all these and more. I couldn’t make the simplest decisions. I felt guilty about leaving my family. I wanted to help them, but I also feared they would come get me.

I was ashamed I grew up in polygamy. I worried people would find out about my past, so I overindulged in drinking, smoking, and drugs in an attempt to appear worldly. My thoughts mocked me, You’re an idiot for leaving! You didn’t stay sweet and obey the Prophet! You’re going to hell! I sought therapy, but couldn’t express my feelings.”

Fortunately, this young woman was able to move beyond her past and created a new life for herself.

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