The founder and director of Sound Choices Coalition is author, Kristyn Decker, who spent the first fifty years of her life in polygamy.


Kristyn Decker

 Kristyn Decker was born and raised in polygamy. She is the 12th of her father’s 23 biological children. Her father, Owen. A. Allred, was the leader and “prophet” of the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB)–the second largest polygamist cult in America. Kristyn’s mother was the first of his13 wives.

While living polygamy and raising her seven children to believe the same, Decker taught off and on for 18 years in the AUB private school. In 1991, with five of her children still at home and while working as an assistant Head Start teacher, she began taking college courses and acquired her AS degree. She then went on to become a lead Head Start teacher for four years. During and after this time, Decker attended and sponsored self-help groups, volunteered with Utah State School Age Child Care Association, and joined the Utah Children Association. In 1995, she began teaching CDA classes to Child Development Associate candidates at Children First, and presented at Early Childhood conferences. Immediately following this, Kristyn wrote her own business plan and received a half million-dollar SBA loan to start a kid’s college. In 2002, she graduated with a BA in Elementary Education and Early Childhood from Southern Utah University, and taught in elementary schools for 12 more years.

After Decker published her first book, Fifty Years in Polygamy – Big Secrets and Little White Lies, she founded Sound Choices Coalition, a nonprofit, to inform society about the realities of polygamy and to advocate for its victims. While Decker’s second book, UNCENSORED FYIP has recently been published, she continues to speak wherever possible, assist and coach victims, and work with other nonprofit organizations that help victims of polygamy.

Decker has been speaking and presenting through numerous media sources, at conferences, churches, book stores, civic clubs, and libraries across the United States. She was the key-note speaker at the Critical Issues Facing Adolescents and Children, conference in S.L.; Appeared on The Today Show; CNN Week-End News; Good Morning AZ.; NPR Community Voices; The Fawn Rigan Show – WCCO – Minneapolis; KTAR Talk Radio; Jay Lawrence, KSL A.M. News; and Oneida Crisis Center (2015), etc.

Kristyn Decker–Founder and Director Sound Choices Coalition
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