Shady Polygamy “Scholarship.”

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November 8, 2015
Great Article On Why Polygamy Should be Kept Illegal
November 14, 2015
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Shady Polygamy “Scholarship.”

Janet Bennion: Wrong Again.

Read the comments section in the news item to see how wrong Professor Bennion is about polygamy, particularly in AUB.

Our Director, Kristyn Decker, has some excellent insights into why Bennion’s research is dubious.

Kristyn writes, “I know my father, Owen Allred, AUB “prophet’ would approve of media and anthropologists to come visit ONLY if HE could choose the families who they’d visit. He would pick the ones who knew exactly what to say, how to act and who had the nicest, cleanest, best homes for the appearance of “All is good in Zion.” They would be prepared for these visitors and put on their best behaviors. How different Janet’s and other’s opinions would have been if the cameras were running 24/7 and they could see the REALITY all the time and everywhere. Therefore, these interviews were set-up. Knowing the difference of what was real and what was represented (as in pro-polygamy media now), their studies are tainted and quite inaccurate… By far, they do NOT representative the majority of polygamous families and living conditions. . .”

Thank you Kristyn. Those of us who were members of AUB at one time can vouch that this is true.


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