Sexual Abuse in AUB, In the Words of a Cult Member

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May 24, 2015
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August 23, 2015
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Sexual Abuse in AUB, In the Words of a Cult Member

Many times, stories of their experiences in polygamy told by women and teens leaving cults are dismissed as the exaggerations of ex-members with a grudge. Because of this, the following comments by an active member of the AUB polygamist cult are a welcome corroboration of the truth–that sexual abuse in AUB has been covered up for years, and is still being covered up. Not only that, when it is addressed, there is an appalling disregard for victims.

On July 17, (today) “Bewildered” wrote, ” I have seen the terrible damage caused by sexual abuse first hand and very close to me and of all the things in this life that are worth dying for, defending a child or woman against abuse or rape has to be near the top.

I have also seen firsthand the callused and disgusting attitude that some of the brethren have exhibited to the victims of child sexual abuse and I have heard first hand them tell the victims to “get over it” and I have heard firsthand the brethren’s excuses for why they covered up the sons that did this.

I have witnessed firsthand brethren telling the victims of child sexual abuse that “now they are dirty too so they better be willing to forgive the perpetrator” and I have seen firsthand the sacrament being refused to the victims “because they were unclean”. Now this is abomination and the men that have participated in this are not going to be in a good place as far as I am concerned.

AND, I have also witnessed firsthand the brethren fabricate and try to coerce “evidence” out of the victims of child sexual abuse so they could destroy men who were not guilty or at least men that there was no evidence against which is God’s STANDARD. I have had some of the brethren justify this with “the people get blinded by these accusations so we have to do this”. I have seen firsthand the brethren throw the victims of child sexual abuse in front of the people so they could get the man they were after. The same brethren who have covered up numerous molestations cases in their own families and guess what, these brethren were not Lynn. AND ALL of this is ALSO abomination.

So, sorry, removing Lynn while leaving the culture that created Lynn in place will do NO good. Any organization that condones what the organization of AUB has fostered or done will burn to the ground eventually. AND I have stood for victims of abuse in ways you will likely never know but removing the head of a viper still leaves the rest of it.”

We rest our case.

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