There are a number of organizations standing by, ready to provide information and to help those leaving polygamy. Please explore the links to our partners.



Holding Out HELP – A Utah-based nonprofit under the direction of Tonia Tewell, giving practical assistance to those leaving polygamy


59737_144035495758338_872365842_nVoices for Dignity – Christine Marie Katas’ organization working to end human trafficking. Voices for Dignity™ was founded as an awareness campaign to speak out against the abuse, exploitation, and humiliation of human beings.

Shield and Refuge 306444_10150281317005671_4246471_n– A Utah- based group headed by Doris Hansen. Gives practical aid to those who are leaving polygamy

The Diversity Foundation fischer– Established by Dan Fischer to aid the “Lost Boys”- young men expelled from polygamist groups, primarily from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS)

Stop Polygamy in Canada Society – Combating the human rights abuses of polygamy

INFORMATION – Professional Research, letters and stories about polygamy