Love for the Women of Polygamy

Sound Choices Press Release re: Decriminalizing Polygamy 1/15/14
January 10, 2014
One Page Summary on “Why Not Polygamy.”
December 2, 2014
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Love for the Women of Polygamy


Sound Choices Coalition wishes you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! On the subject of love–this is the driving force that keeps us sending out our message. Our love is for the young boys who are rejected and driven out of their communities, for the children who are conditioned to believe that they must live polygamy or be damned, for the children whose fathers never have enough time to build real relationships, for the girls who are traded off in sometimes underage polygamous relationships, and for the women who suffer emotionally and financially as their “husband” takes more “wives.”

Here’s hoping for future Valentine’s Days where legislators and law enforcement take these problems seriously and do something about them.

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