Liberation Of Meri, Why TLC Needs To End ‘Sister Wives’

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October 21, 2015
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November 1, 2015
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Liberation Of Meri, Why TLC Needs To End ‘Sister Wives’

“the show was flagrantly celebrating an alt plural marriage lifestyle in the open, legalities be damned. To us, it felt stone age, foreign, misogynistic, paternalistic”

About the divorce – “false reality TV preening and posturing could not conceal the embarrassment and resentment [of the divorced wife] . . . her depression and loneliness was the perfect bait to be exploited by some grifter for tabloid fame via a publicized catfishing,”

“Brown kids are getting older and they can see all of this dirty laundry and internal family politics being played out externally. Producers for the show may delight in all of this, and TLC rakes in ad dollars . . . but it’s not healthy or good for this country.”…/

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