Former FLDS Charlene Jeffs Gets Joint Custody of Children

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April 17, 2015
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May 17, 2015
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Former FLDS Charlene Jeffs Gets Joint Custody of Children

A misleading headline by the Salt Lake Tribune tells readers that Lyle Jeffs “gives wife custody of children.” Hardly–what has happened is that Lyle Jeffs didn’t want further investigation of himself and the activities of the FLDS cult, and reluctantly signed a custody agreement with his wife. He was furious about it as shown by the handwritten objection under his signature.

Joint custody is what happens in most Utah polygamy custody agreements. Lyle Jeffs still gets the children every other weekend, which is ample time for him to work his poison on them.

What IS different about this case is a behavior clause that says “If the children misbehave and conventional parenting doesn’t solve the problem . . . their next visit with their father can be canceled. Lyle Jeffs then will have to pay the cost of professional intervention for the children.”

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