Exploiting Emotional Pain For Reality TV Paychecks

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November 25, 2015
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November 27, 2015
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Exploiting Emotional Pain For Reality TV Paychecks

It’s been sad to see prominent TV polygamists exploiting personal disaster for TV ratings recently, and doing so in a highly dishonest way. It seems that the former legal wife in the polygamy quintet, who was recently divorced in what the husband described as a “paperwork shuffle,” may have had her own reasons for agreeing to the divorce.

Revelations have disclosed her online relationship with someone with whom she was planning to escape from polygamy and make a new life. Sadly, the new love of her life turned out to be a despicable fraud. If that person had been genuine, it’s clear that the story would have ended very differently.

Photos sent by Meri Brown to the fraudster, and posted online, are of a woman in love, with a happy and open face (see attached photo). This is not a frightened victim who was only involved because of “threats to the family” as these people now claim as they frantically guard their paychecks and go into full damage-control mode.

These “reality stars” have desperately spun the story into one of complete “victimhood,” where no personal responsibility is taken for what occurred – either by the victim or by the former husband and his girlfriends who helped create the fertile ground of emotional emptiness in which the fraud was perpetrated.

Is Meri Brown a “victim?” Yes, and doubly so, but not in the way the story is being presented by TLC’s PR. Meri was not only tricked into falling in love with a stalker, she has also been tricked and spiritually coerced into staying in an empty relationship where her emotional needs will never be met. Why?–because she again believes that her very soul will be destroyed if she “breaks her (AUB cult) covenants” by leaving.

Meri Brown very nearly threw off the shackles of polygamy and escaped. Now she is likely to be so frightened by the experience that she will never leave.

What a tragedy.

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