Dangers of Couples Therapy When Dealing with Psychopaths

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October 17, 2015
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Dangers of Couples Therapy When Dealing with Psychopaths

It’s been dismaying to see onscreen emotional abuse of women, by a prominent polygamist, touted as “entertainment” by TLC. It’s also disturbing to see so-called therapists allow this to continue during what are supposed to be genuine therapy sessions.

The following excerpt from an article on therapy and psychopaths (and in this case we believe we’re talking about a narcissistic psychopath) is revealing, especially when we see the resentment of the man in question about the “therapy” in one of his tweets. Read on.

“In these, and other, therapy games, the sociopath’s range of cooperative participation in therapy is rather wide – on one hand, he may present as compliant and receptive, effectively concealing his underlying insincerity and deception. Alternatively, because after all it’s incredibly inconvenient that he should have to take time out of his life to appease his exploited partner, he may make no disguise of how put-out he feels, and may visibly brandish his indignation, agitation and resentment.

[Did anyone catch this tweet from the polygamy king? ” Oct 18
Nancy, our family counselor is great…but I hate going there. I just dislike talking about women’s complaints about me.”]

The latter attitude, especially in cases of couples therapy, makes for a dangerous dynamic, wherein the risk of abuse, post-therapy sessions, rises. One hopes the therapist recognizes this risk and terminates the couples sessions, which are contraindicated where abuse is present and flagrant, whether overtly or covertly. ”

It seems that the therapists in question are too thrilled to be on TV to look out for the best interests of their clients.

See full article at http://www.sott.net/…/206909-Therapy-only-furthers-psychopa…

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