March 23, 2016

Remember–Canada Was Where the US Is Today and Kept Polygamy Illegal, With Good Reason.

Please read this short message and share it with as many people as you know; and ask them to do the same. Thanks a million! The […]
November 28, 2015

Polygamy and Gay Marriage–Poles Apart–Scholarly Research

  This is an excellent article on why polygamy and gay marriage rights cannot be compared. Some of the points made are; This competitive, zero-sum dynamic […]
November 27, 2015

Big Names on Witness List in Twin Towns Discrimination Case

Big names on the witness lists in Justice Dept. lawsuit against polygamous towns SALT LAKE CITY — A leader in the FLDS Church and former acolytes […]
November 27, 2015

Exploiting Emotional Pain For Reality TV Paychecks

It’s been sad to see prominent TV polygamists exploiting personal disaster for TV ratings recently, and doing so in a highly dishonest way. It seems that […]
November 25, 2015

How FLDS Leaders Stole Childhood.

Christine Marie Katas of our sister organization Voices for Dignity shared this sad, true story. It’s told by a former member of the FLDS, Brenda Nicholson […]
November 22, 2015
A TV show that started out as a means of converting the public to the idea that polygamy is a wholesome and acceptable practice has instead […]
November 22, 2015

Interview with Former Warrren Jeffs’ “Wife” Who is Now the Adopted Daughter of SCC Director Kristyn Decker.

“It took eight years of repeated attempts to escape before she finally was able to break away.” Lynette Warner has made a new life since literally […]
November 22, 2015
Some things are obvious, or should be. “Kobane Canton’s Administration, stated that they will continue to build a democratic self-governing society which respects women’s rights.” Too […]
November 14, 2015

Great Article On Why Polygamy Should be Kept Illegal

“Those shows [Big Love and ‘reality’ TV polygamy shows] are entertaining but unrealistic. Same-sex marriage may be an advance for human rights. Legalizing polygamy would undermine […]
November 14, 2015

Shady Polygamy “Scholarship.”

Janet Bennion: Wrong Again. Read the comments section in the news item to see how wrong Professor Bennion is about polygamy, particularly in AUB. Our […]
February 18, 2015

Blow to Anti-Prostitution Bill in Canada

Canada has been moving ahead in recognizing equality for women and attempting to eradicate abusive practices. Following the lead of some European countries, in 2014, Canada  […]
February 14, 2015

A Just and Compassionate Approach to Polygamists–PROPOSED AMNESTY

This is our proposal for dealing with polygamy in Utah and other states. “The harms flowing from polygamy are too evident to ignore and too serious […]
February 14, 2015


2/14/2015 While we’re focused on love today, since it’s Valentines, we thought it worth posting a couple of items from our Face Book page, to explain […]
January 31, 2015

The Pitfalls of Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs)

As many states including Utah seek to introduce RFRAs, Sound Choices Coalition is keenly aware of the potential pitfalls that these acts present. Only recently, a […]
December 2, 2014

Loyalty,” Secrets, Separatism, and Child Sexual Abuse in Polygamy

“Loyalty,” Secrets, Separatism, and Child Sexual Abuse in Polygamy. We sympathize with and support the woman who recently made sexual abuse allegations against her father, AUB […]
December 2, 2014

One Page Summary on “Why Not Polygamy.”

Here is a super-simplified, one page handout for our supporters, giving the main reasons for why embracing polygamy in any culture is inadvisable. Why Not Polygamy? […]
January 10, 2014

Sound Choices Press Release re: Decriminalizing Polygamy 1/15/14

 As state policy makers and the general public listen to the debates about polygamy and gay rights, the Sound Choices Coalition affirms that in spite of […]
January 17, 2013

Stop the Decriminalization of Polygamy – Press Release

Stop the Decriminalization of Polygamy  “Patriarchal polygamy violates human rights by placing woman in religious bondage,” says Kristyn Decker, founder of the Sound Choices Coalition, which […]
January 15, 2013

Stand Against Legalizing the Subjugation of Women Through Polygamy

Introduction On January 17, 2013, a federal judge in the state of Utah will hear motions on whether to dismiss or proceed with a lawsuit filed […]