Blow to Anti-Prostitution Bill in Canada

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February 15, 2015
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Blow to Anti-Prostitution Bill in Canada

imagesCanada has been moving ahead in recognizing equality for women and attempting to eradicate abusive practices. Following the lead of some European countries, in 2014, Canada  created new legislation that recognizing that those who buy prostitutes are the criminals, not the prostitutes themselves. This new legislation saw  prostitution violence against women. “This new approach signifies a major victory for women’s equality as it will teach generations of men that women’s bodies are not for sale.”

However, there is a backlash against the bill and some of the language used is familiar to those involved in the polygamy debate, particularly in Utah. There is talk of “consenting adults” and “female autonomy” just as there is from those promoting polygamy. However, as the author of the attached article points out “The sex industry does not consist of morally-neutral transactions between consenting adults, and sex trafficking is not a separate issue from prostitution. Rather, these are myths, presented as indisputable truth, perpetuated intentionally by those who want to (continue to) profit from exploitation.”

We even have women involved in prostitution who argue for it, just as some women  insist that polygamy should continued and be decriminalized or legalized. In Canada, the opponents of the prostitution bill insist that the “testimonies of survivors of prostitution have nothing to do with  ‘adult prostitution.’ ” This same kind of reasoning is used in the US about the victims of polygamy. Whether speaking of prostitution, or of polygamy, these words ring true “These women [survivors] cannot be dismissed as simply having a “victim mentality” — they are courageous and determined women who are in the trenches every day fighting to make things better for others who are going through what they did.”

Read the full article here Canada’s new prostitution law: Separating fact from fiction

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