Another Year in AUB

Sexual Abuse in AUB, In the Words of a Cult Member
July 17, 2015
Why Evil Men Stay In Power in AUB
September 11, 2015
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Another Year in AUB

Dave Watson, a “Council Member” in the AUB polygamist cult told the world about a year ago that the cult was “dealing with” public allegations of sexual abuse against its new leader, Lynn Thompson, by one of his [Thompson’s] daughters. (The fact that the allegation was so public is the only reason for Mr. Watson’s public statement.)

Almost a year on, how do things stand?

The following excerpts are taken from the blog “Turmoil within AUB” that deals with the fact that the cult is now led by Lynn Thompson, an embezzler of cult funds, and an alleged sexual and physical abuser of children.

“Nov 11, 2014 Rosemary’s Blog Begins – Announcement to the world and warning to the Group of her father, Lynn Thompson, molesting her and others and how dangerous it is to have him now in such a powerful position.

Nov 29, 2014 Kathleen’s Letter as requested by Harry – A second witness of Lynn’s sexual abuse of children with background of how Lynn’s birth name was Worth Kilgrow and trained up in the way he is continuing to go. Also witnessed by Matriarch Marilyn Thompson.

Dec 2014 Council request written statements from witnesses of Lynn’s sexually abusing children – ALL HAVE BEEN DISMISSED WITHOUT AN IMPARTIAL HEARING, HAVING BEEN LABELED AS LIARS, THEREBY BEING RE-ABUSED [caps ours.]”

. . . Aug 14, 2015 One year anniversary of the “inspired” appointment of an alleged sexual predator and embezzler as “Pres.” of the Priesthood.”

So things are pretty much “business as usual” in AUB.

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