A Just and Compassionate Approach to Polygamists–PROPOSED AMNESTY

February 14, 2015
Gay Marriage? So Why Not Polygamy?
February 15, 2015
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A Just and Compassionate Approach to Polygamists–PROPOSED AMNESTY


This is our proposal for dealing with polygamy in Utah and other states.

“The harms flowing from polygamy are too evident to ignore and too serious to allow to occur under the guise of fundamental rights” (Thomas Buck Jr., Emory International Law Review, 2012).

• Because of the significant harms to children, women, and even men (which have been clearly detailed in many studies, as well as on this site) polygamy should remain illegal.

• Since the state has allowed a de facto decriminalization for many decades, allowing polygamy to flourish within its borders and to spread into other states, we believe that jailing all polygamists would be highly unjust and undesirable.

• We propose an amnesty for all polygamists who have not broken other state laws.

• The amnesty should be followed by legal action against any new polygamist unions (particularly against those encouraging and performing polygamist pseudo-marriages).

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